Natural Burial

Natural burials in Great Glen

To ensure your loved one rests in a place of natural beauty and tranquillity, contact the team at E. C. Gilbert Ltd.





What is a natural burial ground?

They are nature-rich informal burial grounds founded on ecologically sound principles. Brimming with natural life, these places offer the perfect setting for peaceful rest. Through careful management and planting, great care is taken to protect and enhance areas of outstanding beauty, creating habitats rich with a variety of plants and wildlife. The result is a peaceful and fitting memorial for a loved one. Trees and shrubs can be planted to create a natural, living memorial. 

We also provide coffins, flowers and catering services.

Peaceful place

If the time has come to find an appropriate final resting place for your loved one, then let us help you find a place where you can reflect and remember them, undisturbed.

Creating lasting memories

You can be assured that your loved one's final place is protected in the long term. You will be able to visit your loved one and remember them in a calm environment.
Honour your loved one with a natural burial location. Call the team at 
E. C. Gilbert Ltd, Great Glen.

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