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Natural burial

Cultural facilities

Arrange a floral tribute

At E. C. Gilbert Ltd, we are happy to order floral tributes on behalf of family and friends for the funeral of your loved one. We often do this for people travelling some distance to ensure that flowers are as fresh as possible and transported safely. A simple phone call to our office is all that is required and we can arrange everything for you, we can even assist you with the message to be placed on the floral tribute.

Flower orders start from £45.00 + VAT. We also offer coffins and transportation services.
Natural burial

Tailored flower arrangements

Bespoke arrangements that reflect the character or interests of the deceased are a good way to pay a personal tribute. At E. C. Gilbert Ltd, we have a wealth of experience of arranging floral tributes to suit your specific needs.

Fresh flowers

We offer a variety of funeral flowers including bouquets, wreaths, sprays and coffin displays. We understand that a floral tribute is a personal choice. We will combine our experience with your thoughts to provide something truly unique.
For personalised funeral flower arrangement services, call E. C. Gilbert Ltd, Great Glen

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