Coffins and caskets in Great Glen

Create a lasting tribute for your loved one with E. C. Gilbert Ltd.




Natural burial

Wide range of coffins

We have a large selection of coffins and urns available including sustainable products that will not have a negative impact on the environment.

Unique selection

Motifs and images can be embossed onto the coffins to add a personal touch. Examples include religious or cultural symbols, motorbikes, cars, horses, football teams and even a personal picture.

Comprehensive range of coffins and caskets

At E. C. Gilbert Ltd, we comply with all regulations, giving you the peace of mind that the coffin you are buying is competitively priced and good for the environment. To find out more, download our brochures.
You can also depend on us for the arrangement of funeral cars, hearses and catering. We can also assist you with future funeral planning. Contact us to discuss your requirements.
Natural burial
At E. C. Gilbert Ltd of Great Glen, we supply traditional coffins at affordable prices.

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